Blasova Resort


The Decision of Government nr. 2118/9.12.2004 approved the transfer of  a 309,87 ha surface, from the public domain of the State and the administration of 'Domains of the State Agency'; and a 375,00 ha surface that represents Blasova Lake and is under the administration of  'The Romanian Waters' National Administration, to the public domain of Braila County and the administration of Braila County Council.

Situated in Braila Big Island, the Blasova area allows the generation and development of  complementary activities: tourism, pollution free services, sports and leisure, and also the integration of the Danube's course in the protection and monitorization system, from it's source to it's spill in the Black Sea.

Braila County Council promotes the Blasova area because of it's touristic potential and great attractiveness for investors, targeting the durable development of the close by settlements and territorys.

Reviewing the conditions that the lake disposes of, it is considered that it can be introduced in the economic and touristic circuit of Braila County, with the following uses:

  • fish farming in natural environment;
  • sportive fishing;
  • nautical leisure;
  • hunting. 

The land will be divided into lots up to 1000 sqm and will be given into lease, and with the obtained due from the lease payments, the County Council will retrieve the expences made with the endowments mentioned.